With our Cloud PBX Platform

New capabilities for you and your customers

User Management

Numbers & Routing


Block/unblock clients

Login to the client interface

Set email templates

Create dealer accounts that have access only to their customers

Create clients with different languages and time zones
Registration of channels to other operators

Getting numbers (DID) through trunks and distributing them among clients

Routing of outgoing calls through trunks, the ability to have different routes for dealers/customers
Trunks creation

Multi-tenant setup

Access to the configuration

Restriction of access to the service by GeoIP

Setting client limits

Everything You Need for Flexible and Easy Service Management

Most of the API capabilities are available from the user-friendly Admin Interface
Over 1000 REST API methods with detailed documentation and examples

All the Features of Business Telephony and Unified Communications Capabilities

For Business

For Managers

For Team

Multichannel number

Additional numbers support

Voice menu (IVR) support


Voice greeting recording

Conference calls

Browser extension for WebRTC

Automated Call-Center

Bulk messaging
Voice to Text

Restricting outgoing calls

Recording and storing conversations

Call statistics and log

Alerts and notifications

Connect to a live conversation

Call scenarios
Additional numbers groups

Call queue

Call forwarding

Call interception

Black and white lists


Caller detection feature

Sending and receiving SMS

100% White Label User Interface

You can use an existing user interface with your Logo or easily develop your own.

Softphone for Windows, Android, iOS and browser calling support
Seamless integration with business

Advanced PBX Features
for Customers

Creating a common network of fixed and mobile phones of employees. All calls can be recorded and analyzed
Speech Analytics
At the end of the call, the system can offer to rate the conversation and your customers will receive analytical data
Call Analysis and Evaluation
No more listening to calls. The platform can analyze dialogues by itself using
AI / NL algorithms
Integration of PBX into business workflow tools, internal and external APIs, CRM etc
Automated dialing under full control. With whom and when the operator should be connected can be determined in advance
Call Center
Call Recording
Call recording and listening will help HR, marketing, sales and security departments to improve their processes
The robot based on BOT technology is able to speak and perceive speech like a living person. It is possible to use the robot both for receiving calls and for making calls to clients
Voice Robot
A ready-made widget for communicating with visitors on the customer's website.
It is possible for visitors to request a callback and instantly receive an incoming call from the manager

Callback from the website
A group of applications for making calls from computers, tablets or smartphones as if they were made from a regular office phone. Available for iOS, Android and Windows
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Tool for organizing mass and prompt auto-dialing of an unlimited number of subscribers. Dialing to any phone in the world is possible

Auto Informer
If the client's salesman missed the call, it is possible to arrange an instant callback
Automatic Callback

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