Build any PBX customer service

Technical Features and Capabilities

Fast Deployment
Scalable Functionality
Installation takes 1-3 days, depending on the local IT environment
Improve the Cloud PBX service on your own or with our specialists
You can use a physical server, private cloud or hyperscaler services
Infrastructure Flexibility

Use any available IT resources

without increasing non-core costs

Virtual Infrastructure

Deploy the UCOM4B platform in your public, private or hybrid cloud

Physical Server

Install the Platform without virtualization

How to get onboard

Request platform installation on your own IT resources
Get demo access to the UCOM4B platform and test it's capabilities
Make sure the installed platform is working correctly
Our specialists will customize the interface, add languages and branding
Start connecting your own clients
Take the key step towards your new digital business product

Minimum infrastructure requirements


2 SSD, 256 GB each (mirror)

2 Hard Disk Drives, 1024 GB each (mirror)

2x Intel Xeon E5-2609 v4 CPU
1st Server is the Entry Point.
2nd Server is a part of the RTP Traffic Flow.

In case of a fault in the 1st Server, it's address is automatically (VRRP) picked up by the 2nd Server and the entry point changes.

Servers should preferably be housed in different Datacenters or physical locations.
The Platform Design provides for the seamless expansion of the new servers for future increase in traffic and load.

Additional servers can be added to the standard configuration.

Fault Tolerance


Two servers are enough to ensure fault tolerance
Increase platform perfomance as the load grows

Rest API Features

1000+ REST API methods

Available from Admin web-interface

High-Quality Documentation

Realize your own vision

Extend the platform functionality in accordance with your goals and customer needs: make integrations, connect any business applications, automation scripts and more!

Need Support?

UCOM4B development team is always available.
Our experts will help implement any new features and make the necessary integrations.

Let's start this journey together!

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