UCOM4B expands the capabilities of Prostor Telecom provider

The Company

Prostor Telecom (formerly Quantum JSC, founded in 1997) is one of the first representatives of the telecommunications services market in Russia. The main business of the company is providing Internet access. However, in 2012, the portfolio added the "Virtual PBX Promo-Office" service based on the Softswitch VoipNow solution.

Platform change

The growth in the number of business customers and the specifics of the platform's licensing policy have led to a decrease in the profitability of license payments per user. This, together with the insufficient capabilities of the API of the current platform, forced Prostor Telecom to look for a new PBX vendor.

The company needed to find a White Label platform that would provide wide functionality, a powerful API, high-quality technical support and the ability to refine the platform to fit its needs.

After studying available solutions, Prostor Telecom made a choice in favor of UCOM4B. The platform significantly surpassed the current solution in terms of functionality extensions, had a developed API and fully met the company's requirements. At the same time, the platform was actively developing and had a much more flexible and profitable licensing policy.

The seamless migration mechanism also played a significant role, allowing Prostor Telecom clients to switch to a new solution without downtime and any inconvenience. The switchover was carried out during the least loaded hours and was split into iterations, which allowed for the migration to be performed unnoticed by users.

Deep interaction with clients during the first three years after the launch of the cloud PBX helped us not only to recognize their needs, but also to form a full-format service development strategy.

After the implementation of the UCOM4B platform and the migration of clients, our company received not only a high-quality and reliable solution for cloud PBX services, but also a loyal partner, ready for open communication and developing unique functionality tailored to our needs.

With the UCOM4B platform, we can improve the cloud PBX service flexibly and quickly, as required by the modern market.

Igor Bobov
CEO at Prostor Telecom

корпоративных клиентов
добавочных номеров
The first stage of the platform implementation included the revision of the client's personal account, reporting and management systems. We also successfully managed to integrate with a number of popular PBXs in order to implement SORM.

звонков в сутки
100 000+

11 000+
The implementation of the UCOM4B platform allowed Prostor Telecom to dramatically accelerate the development of a number of business areas:

❶ the reliability of the service increased, taking into account that the subscriber base and load may grow;
❷ AntiFraud service was implemented;
❸ subscriber interaction routines were automated;
❹ additional service packages and options were successfully developed.

We are proud to say that the joint work with Prostor Telecom not only completes the current tasks of the company, but also leaves room for mutual growth of both companies.

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